cast iron calibration plate

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 Calibration plate is also called: school tube plate, shipbuilding calibration plate , heavy calibration plate , calibration plate specially is used in the welding of large equipment tablet (platform), with reasonable design, stable structure, high precision, wear resistance, etc, which can realize 3000 mm - 6000 - mm plate joining together, the product is made by scraping or grinding.Calibration plate is widely used in machining, tool workshop, machine shop, large equipment base, measuring room and precision processing of inspection, measuring and grinding, and the exact measurement, testing the flatness of workpiece, flatness and Angle tolerance values.



校管平台 除具有普通必备的性能外,还有别具一格的优质特性:






Calibration plate beside has the general performance, and has also a unique style of high quality features:


    Firstly,It is easy to obtain degree of finish and grinding.

Secondly,the simpler method can make the platforms and the sand,quick sand,sand amount,after using it can still use similar sand,polished finish after improved significantly.

Thirdly, calibration plate is not only durable ,cutting and resistance,after light guide sand ,it  has good machinability,pushing grind smoothly.


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